Six Sure-Fire Ways To Stick To Your Grocery Budget

sticking to your grocery budget

A vegetarian diet is, by far, more budget friendly than our carnivorous countetparts’. But don’t be fooled, any trip to the grocery store can easily get out of hand, leaving your wallet dazed and confused.

Creating an effective budget is already hard enough, but sticking to that budget can sometimes feel like an impossible task; especially when you eat as many times a day as I do.

Luckily for us, it’s not an impossible feat! In fact, with a little practice and discipline, sticking to your budget is really quite simple!

Don’t believe me? Try implementing these six surefire ways to stick to your grocery budget. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later!

1. Go in with a list

Make a list and check it twice! The number one way to blow your grocery budget? Not going in with a list! Without a list, who knows what the heck you’ll walk out of the store with!

Believe me, having a list of things you need will save you SOOO much money! Just remember to stick to it!

2. Sign Up For Reward Programs

“Do you have a Rewards Card with us?” Uhh, you better believe the answer to that is yes! Seriously, my keychain is full of reward program cards to take advantage of every saving there is!

(Note: this is not the credit cards! Simply the free rewards programs!)

3. Make Shopping the Circulars Easy

I love shopping circulars. I hate getting them mailed to me. So I use the (absolutely FREE) Flipp app! It’s super convenient and you can look up your favorite stores to see a digital copy of their mailed circulars. Then you can click on the sales you want to “clip.” This is how I build every grocery list! And obviously there will be items on your list that aren’t on sale, but I think the majority should be.

4. Shop Bulk Bins

I do a lot of my shopping at Sprouts and honestly, the bulk bins are absolutely amazing! I can get exactly how much I need for much cheaper than buying the pre-packaged options. I can buy plenty of oatmeal, granola, lentils and so much more for just cents! I can also buy more expensive items like chia or hemp seeds in smaller quantities for much cheaper. So keep an eye out for sales on those bulk bins!

5. Remember Prices

You don’t need to remember right down to the cent to stick to your budget, but be sure to pay attention to how much your essentials and other items you like to buy cost. For example, I buy creamer for my coffee every other week and I know which store I can find my favorite brand for about $1.50 instead of the $2.49 I find it everywhere else. Also, when I add a repeat item to my list, like pasta or peanut butter, I already know how much of my budget those items are eating up before I even leave my house.

6. Meal Prep!

A weekly meal prep plan goes hand in hand with your grocery list. It’s like grocery shopping with a purpose! So my strategy? See what’s on sale, build my weekly meals around it and then build my list. Boom! Done!

It took me a while, but I finally learned how to whip my grocery budget in shape! And obviously, my wallet is thanking me for it. The steps are simple and, quite frankly, obvious. But it takes some time to really get yourself in the habit of sticking with it. So good luck and happy shopping!


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