Red Mills Vegi Soup Mix Is About to be Your New Favorite Weeknight Go-To

If you love quick, easy (and quite frankly, lazy) weeknight meals look no further!

I bought this pack of Red Mills Vegi Soup mix on a whim when I had originally planned on making crockpot lentil soup, but couldn’t find the right lentils.

In Oklahoma City, it’s been very cold and snowy (except of course the day I publish this, it’s 60℉ outside 😂) . And with even more crappy winter weather coming this Friday, I’m so glad I stumbled upon this amazing find!

This soup mix is full of green and yellow split peas, barley, lentils and alphabet veggie pasta made from wheat flour, spinach and tomato. It’s full of fiber, protein (11g per serving!) and is vegan friendly!

But best of all, this soup is what I like to call “heat it and leave it.”

You mix one cup of the soup mix with 4 cups of veggie broth, let it simmer for 30-50 minutes (depending on how tender you prefer your lentils) and it’s ready to go!

This soup is extremely filling, perfect for a cold winter day, and goes sooo well with some warm bread! Once you try it, it’ll instantly become the perfect go-to meal for a busy weeknight!

Where I got it: Crest Foods

How much I paid for it: $3.99

What I love about it: When I first put my ingredients in the pot, I was worried that my soup would turn out too… well, soupy. So I put more of the soup mix in, but in the end I actually ended up adding more broth in! The soup ends up very hearty and I love it! It also holds up well as leftovers!

What I don’t like about it: So this isn’t so much a “dislike” as much as it is a “I’m too lazy” statement. Basically, the mix comes with the lentils, etc. and you have to supply the vegetable broth and seasonings. But I was a little frustrated when it didn’t come with seasoning suggestions. It’s not a huge deal and it gave me the opportunity to get creative, but it kind of thew me off for sure.

Things to note: This soup isn’t the prettiest thing out there, as you can tell from the photo. But it makes great leftovers and it tastes delicious and will fill you up pretty quickly. It’s like my dad likes to say, “he’s not the prettiest boy at the prom, but he won’t stand you up.”

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