New Year, New Blog

First, welcome to my brand new blog, One Smart Veggie! I am so, so, so excited to launch this site!

After a year of blogging (I had another blog called My Life, Taylor Made) I realized that the topic I truly loved writing about the most is health & wellness. I’ve been wanting to start this blog for a while, and finally got the motivation to get it started!

So I took the old site down, refocused and am beyond happy to finally have this site up and running!

I think January is the perfect time to launch my new site because this month is all about fresh starts and setting new goals.

So for my inaugural post for this brand new site, I wanted to take a minute and list some of the things you can count on from this blog.

Tons of Food

And I mean TONS of food. I’m sort of a self-proclaimed foodie who loves food and eating. (But honestly, who doesn’t?) And while One Smart Veggie will solely focus on a vegetarian diet, I promise there will be content that carnivores can enjoy as well!

Health & Wellness Tips

The most important part of any diet, especially a vegetarian diet, is balance and knowledge. And making sure your lifestyle compliments a smart diet is crucial. So One Smart Veggie will also cover a wide range of healthy lifestyle tips, tricks and goals. 


Have you ever seen something in the grocery store and wonder if it’s really any good? Me, too. So I figure I’d try them, write about what I thought and share those thoughts. 

A Relatable Journey

I am not, by any means, an expert on nutrition and health. But just like anyone else, I have goals and expectations for my health this year and I want to share that journey with you all. I’ll announce my goals, track my progress and keep it as honest as I can. There are so many of us who struggle maintaining healthy lifestyles (especially those of us who work full time) and I think an open, honest dialogue about that struggle is so important. 

So while One Smart Veggie is all about food and health and wellness, it’s also about me. 

And as I share my journey, I hope to engage an open dialogue for anyone who may come across this site and build a community of people to lift each other up on the path to achieving our health & wellness goals! 

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