Grocery Haul: June 4, 2017

Grocery shopping is seriously one of my favorite things to do during the week. It gives me the opportunity to really focus on making sure I am building a menu for the week that not only ensures that my body is getting what it needs, but that my wallet is happy, too.

I’m going to start doing these weekly grocery haul posts to show just how simple and affordable a healthy, vegetarian diet can be!

I don’t like clipping coupons, I just like getting what I need and shopping the sales. With tax, today’s grocery haul cost $34.40 of my $35.00 budget.


Today’s Grocery Haul

1 lb fresh asparagus – $3.05

2 lemons – $1.00

6 limes – $1

1 bunch fresh radishes – $0.50

Shredded iceberg lettuce – $1.49

1 bag fresh spinach – $1.99

3 LARABARS – $0.88/each

Linguine pasta – $0.99

1 can organic black beans – $0.99

Red enchilada sauce – $2.79

Half dozen eggs – $0.59

Half & Half – $2.49

.57 lb Greek Feta cheese – $3.73

.48 lb shredded Cheddar cheese – $2.91

10 flour tortillas – $2.89

Coffee filters (not pictured) – $2.69

What’s On The Menu

I like cooking, but I absolutely hate my kitchen. I live in a studio apartment with a minuscule amount of counter space. Luckily, I discovered (and fell in love with) meal prepping!

Here’s what’s on the menu from today’s grocery haul!

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and fresh spinach

Snack 1: 2 popcorn cakes with peanut butter and drizzled honey (*these are leftover from last week’s grocery haul when they were having a BOGO sale on popcorn cakes)

Lunch: lemon feta linguine with garlic asparagus from Yay! For Food

Snack 2: LARABAR and yogurt (*yogurt is leftover from last week’s sale of 2/$1 yogurt)

Dinner: Crockpot Mexican quinoa tacos from Chelsea’s Messy Apron


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