Grocery Haul: June 11, 2017

Grocery Haul 6/11. One Smart Veggie Blog

I’m extremely excited about today’s grocery haul for one very specific reason: I’m trying out a lot of new things this week!

But before we get started, I have a confession to make… I spent $37.62 of my $35.00 grocery budget, so I was over budget. But I did this on purpose, I swear!

My electricity bill was $14 lower than normal, so I decided to reward myself by getting one of my favorite snack foods: hummus! But not just any hummus, I got name brand hummus! AND I rewarded myself with cantaloupe melons that weren’t on sale! Come on, I deserved it!!

But with that said, here’s all the goodies I got for the week!

Today’s Grocery Haul:

2 1lb bags of baby carrots – $0.98/each

2 cantaloupe melons – $1.98/each

Honeydew melon – $1.98 (as I type this, I realize the cashier at Sprouts did not choose the correct melon. I actually got a Casaba melon, which were on sale for $0.77 each)

1lb organic strawberries – $2.98

0.25lb sweet cherries – $0.75

Peanut butter – $3.49

Honey – $3.99

Xochitl tortilla chips – $3.49

5 yogurts – $0.69/each

Yves Veggie Ground – $3.49

Hummus – $3.99

.09lb peanuts – $0.27

0.23lb oats – $0.30

0.14lb chocolate chips – $0.70

What’s On The Menu

Like I mentioned before, I’m extremely excited about this week’s grocery haul because there’s a few things I’m trying for the first time.

First, melons are making a first-time appearance on my grocery list. I always found cutting melons to be annoying and tedious, but I have been craving cantaloupe lately and instead of buying the pre-cut containers of fruit, I thought I’d suck it up and cut it myself!

Also, I’m trying no bake energy bites for the first time! I’ve seen them all over Instagram and Twitter, and I’m super excited to give them a try!

So here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Breakfast: melon bowl with yogurt, strawberries and cherries

Snack 1: monster cookie no-bake energy bites

Lunch: Crockpot Mexican quinoa tacos (I’ve still got tons of leftovers from last week!)

Snack 2: baby carrots with hummus

Dinner: spaghetti with veggie ground and marinara sauce


Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram to see how this week’s meals are going!


6/11 Grocery Haul. One Smart Veggie Vegetarian Blog


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