Grocery Haul: July 2, 2017

I can’t believe we’re already in July! 2017 may be a crazy year, but it sure has been flying by fast! So here’s my first grocery haul of July! I spent $25.63 of my $35 budget, but I had quite a few ingredients already at home.

Today’s Grocery Haul

2 bags frozen mixed veggies – $1.59 each

2.34 lb bananas – $1.38

Mini m&m’s – $1.14

1 lb strawberries – $1.67

2 cans chickpeas – $0.89 each

Cottage cheese – $2.79

Potato salad – $1.95

0.2 lb dried cranberries – $0.70

0.58 lb brown rice – $0.57

0.83 lb steel cut oats – $1.07

1 bag frozen tropical fruit – $2.99

What’s On The Menu

Coming off of a (sort of) vacation, I’ve been extremely tired lately. So this week’s meal prep menu is extremely simple. I even decided to be a little festive and get some veggie dogs for July 4!

Luckily, like I mentioned before, I had some pricey ingredients already at home, so this week’s meal prep menu was extremely cheap!

Here’s what I’m making this week:
Breakfast: steel cut oats with sliced fruit

Snack: cottage cheese with tropical fruit

Lunch: brown rice with chickpeas and mixed veggies

Snack: monster cookie no-bake energy bites

Dinner: veggie hot dogs with French fries and potato salad

I invite you to join me on Instagram and Twitter to see how this meal prep menu goes!

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