Five Gym Bag Must-Haves You’ve Been Forgetting

Gym Bag Must Haves from One Smart Veggie Vegetarian Blog

If you’re like me, once I get home from a long day at work, the very last thing I want to do is leave again. That’s why I pack a gym bag and get my workout in before I get home.

There are obvious things you need to carry in your gym bag; clothes, shoes, wallet, water… but there are some things you should be carrying in your gym bag you’ll be wishing you thought of sooner.

So get prepped for the gym with five of my gym bag must haves!


1. Shower Cap

While a good shower cap protects your hairstyle from getting wet in the shower, they also keep your shoes from getting the other items in your gym bag dirty. Simply putting your running shoes on the bottom of the bag doesn’t do much in terms of keeping the dirt off your stuff as they shift around your bag.

2. Change of Bottoms

If you aren’t going straight home after you’ve worked out, change your bottoms. Especially for us ladies, sitting around in sweaty bottoms (mainly if you wear spandex pants) after a workout for extended periods of time will lead to some rather unpleasant consequences. Do yourself a favor and pack an extra set of bottoms in your gym bag.

3. Snacks

Depending on what I’m hitting the gym for, I like to carry snacks that are either carb or protein heavy to make sure my body has what it needs. I like putting these in my gym bag so I can eat them on my way to the gym, giving my body 15-20 minutes to process the new fuel I just gave it. I also like bringing a snack for after my workout, too.

4. Tupperware

Tupperware is a gym bag miracle! I love putting items in small Tupperware to help better organize my things. Small items are easier to find! I don’t have to dig around for a bobby pin or hair tie nor do I have to scour my gym bag to find my keys or my headphones.

5. Hand Wipes

The gym is just, obviously, a disgusting place. I constantly watch people “forgetting” to wipe down their machines and equipment (especially you guys!). And after a workout, not only do your hands feel absolutely disgusting, they are disgusting.  Don’t transfer germs, keep sanitizing wipes or gels on top of your gym bag so you can disinfect ASAP!


Not only does prepping your gym bag properly keep you from getting to the gym just to discover that, once again, you’ve forgotten something important, it also motives you to get to the gym.

Need more gym motivation? Check out my post on excuse-crushing tips to get back in the gym!


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