5 Excuse-Crushing Tips to Get Back In the Gym!

We’re almost a month into the brand new year, and if you’re like me, 2017 came in full force! The second I got back to work, I was slammed with deadline after deadline and a workload to keep me busy until 2018.

But when schedules start getting hectic, we start letting things slip and bad habits form.

Personally, I tend to skip the gym or opt out of doing laundry until I’m literally contemplating buying new clothes (I don’t have in-unit laundry so it’s such a pain to go to the laundry facility!!)

And while it’s no big deal to skip the gym once or twice, when ditching the gym becomes a habit, it puts a hold on any type of health and wellness goals you may have set for yourself.

So it’s time to kiss those lame excuses goodbye and start getting back in that gym! Here are 5 excuse-crushing tips to get back in the habit of going to the gym!

1. Bring Your Workout Gear to Work

After a long, hard day at work the sat thing you want to do when you get home is leave! Trust me, I totally get it! Especially on the cold, dark winter nights, I would rather put on a pair of pajamas than workout gear.

So if your excuse is “I just don’t feel like going back out again,” then don’t! Bring your workout gear to work and either change at the office before you leave or drive straight to the gym and change into your workout gear there!

2. Meal Prep & Eat An Early Dinner At Work

Going hand in hand with tip #1, adjusting to going straight to the gym from work takes some getting used to. The biggest adjustment is dinner!

First of all, you’ll never catch me at the gym while I’m hungry. Nope. Not gonna happen!

Second, your body needs fuel to burn before going to the gym! And, quite frankly, so does your motivation.

So on days where I go straight from work to the gym, I meal prep and bring an early dinner to work with me. I’ll eat dinner at 4:30, hit the gym by 5:30, and once I get home, I’ll have a nice, filling snack at around 7:00.

So if your excuse is, “I gotta get home and cook dinner!” Cook it in advance! Even if you cook for your family, as long as there’s someone who can work a microwave at home, they’re covered too!

3. Set A Reminder On Payment Day

If you’re like me, my membership dues are set on automatic payment. This means I don’t even have to think about when the money comes out of my account. I just know its budgeted for and taken care of.

But that’s a good thing, right? Wrong!

It’s so easy to justify skipping the gym when we literally forget that every month our hard earned money is going towards paying membership dues.

Set a monthly reminder for every time the money is taken out of your account to remind yourself that with every workout you skip, you’re just throwing money down the drain. A little monetary incentive never hurt anyone.

So if your excuse is, “who cares if I skip a few workouts?” Just remember your wallet cares! It cares a lot!

4. Invite A Friend

Every gym is different and every membership is different. But with my membership with my gym, I have unlimited guest passes. That means I can have 1 guest with me every time I workout.

So if your excuse is, “nobody will notice if I don’t go” or “I just can’t find the motivation to go,” having somebody to hold you accountable for workouts should get your butt right back in the gym!

5. Track Your Workouts & Treat Each One Like An Appointment

Raise your hand if you live religiously by an agenda. 🙋🙋

When there’s something on my agenda, I do it. No questions asked. Meeting at 2? Done. Lunch at noon? I’m there.

Well, it’s time to treat your gym time just like any other appointment. It’s your time for you, so take it as seriously as the time you give away to other people! Write down your gym appointments in your daily planner and track what you’ve done.

Over time, it’ll be so nice to have record of how far your fitness progress has come!

So if your excuse is “I just don’t have time to go to the gym,” take that sorry excuse somewhere else! It’s literally written in your planner! You’ve got the time, now get to it!!

Here’s to a healthy and fit 2017!

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