It’s Like “One Smart Cookie” but I’m a vegetarian so…

Anyways! Welcome to my blog, One Smart Veggie!

I started this blog because over the last few years, healthy living has become something I’ve grown very passionate about. Seriously. I could talk about health and wellness all. day. long.

But not only have I become completely enthralled with healthy living, I have also taken on a vegetarian lifestyle. And after tons of trial and error, I’ve learned so much about living a vegetarian lifestyle the smart way!

So many people are on a journey to achieve personal health and wellness goals, but it can be so hard. And while I am, in no way, a nutrition and health professional, I can at least share what works for me in the hopes somebody else can benefit from what I’ve learned.

One Smart Veggie is a healthy lifestyle guide where you can count on me to provide health & wellness tips, recipes, reviews, and a few personal tidbits sprinkled in there. And while this blog is based solely on a vegetarian diet, I think anyone could find something on this blog they’ll like!

I’m on a journey to master a smart, healthy lifestyle and I hope you’ll join me and share your stories with me!

About Me

My name is Taylor and I am a 24-year old Southern California girl currently living in Oklahoma City.

As you may have guessed, I have a passion for clean, healthy living and love talking about it! I am a vegetarian and am always looking for ways to make my vegetarian lifestyle as healthy and easy as possible.

Before becoming a fully committed vegetarian, I was always worried about how hard it was going to be. But now that I have experimented and found what works for me, my biggest goal is to show others that living a smart, healthy vegetarian lifestyle isn’t as hard and intimidating as it seems!